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The Museum Library situated in the Museums and Zoo campus has been one of the oldest and valuable libraries in Kerala, where a number of very rare books and manuscripts published during the last three centuries are kept for reference, along with the books published recently. This library is used by the staff of Museums and Zoo, students and teachers from colleges, research scholars from within the State as well as outside and innovative public alike. The library has valuable and very rare books published centuries back which are not available in any other libraries. A few of them are.

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Science of Animals and Birds or Zoology (1927 Sanskrit, hand written)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Algebra with Arithmetic and Mathematics from Sanskrit by Brahma Gupta and Bhaskara (1817)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Victoria Regia (1851)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Flora Japonica (1835)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Report on the forest of Travancore (1893)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Species planterom (1797)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Encyclopaedia or Universal dictionary of Arts, Science and Literature – 43 volumes (1819)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Flora Java (1828)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Description of Indian Serpents (1796)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      History of Mankind (1897)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Genera Plantarum, Flora of British India (1885)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Castes and Tribes of South India (1909)

http://localhost/zoo_new/images/web/imagescaz7sm69.jpg      Hortus Jamaicensis (1814) 

Some periodicals published during 19th century by Bombay Natural History Society and other publishers are also available here. Most of the books reflect our lifestyle, religion, tradition, culture, civilizations and history of that period.