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Botanical Garden

Public garden owes its existence and origin to the efforts and endeavors of Mr. Allen J Braun (1831-1903). The project was taken up in 1859. Several plants and flowers were reared.

In 1891 Mr. Ingleby who had been trained at Kew Garden London, was appointed as the superintendent of Botanical garden and he held that office for 6 years during which time the garden labour was systematically organized and brought to bear upon it’s steady improvement. He has prepared the layout and planting.


50 acres of hill and dale are tastefully laid out in paths and terraces lawns and lakes, shrubberies, flowerbeds and conservatories interspersed with the runs and cages of the Zoo. Beginning from the lower level of the lake, the ground rises tier an tier till it spreads in to an extensive terrace converted in to an ornamental garden known as the top garden on which the museum stands. Grassy slopes leading down to the lake with clumps of golden bamboos and stately tree from the chief feature of lower garden.

The garden has more than 200 species of trees, thousands of ornamental plants, anthuriums, orchids in its diverse collection. It provides excellent opportunity for students of Botany to undertake various studies regarding plants. Botanical garden continues to be one of the co-ordinators of the Trivandrum flower show, the major event of the State and the Director of Museums and Zoos continues to be the convenor of the event.